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Sergeants & Command Staff

Sergeants & Command Staff

Chris Weinbrenner

Chris Weinbrenner
Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief  Weinbrenner started his career in law enforcement in 1998, Chris Weinbrennerworking as a volunteer Police Cadet for the Crestwood Police Department where he earned on-the-job experience while also completing college. In November 2001, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner became a Police Officer with the Crestwood Police Department, attending the NEMRT Police Academy. In December 2001, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Business Administration.

In January 2004, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner was appointed to the Addison Police Department, attending the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA). In June 2005, he was selected to join the Traffic Safety Unit which focused on the “Three E’s” of traffic -- Education, Enforcement and Engineering. 

Deputy Chief Weinbrenner attended Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety to focus on traffic crash investigation. In December of 2005, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner became a State-certified Traffic Crash Reconstruction Specialist. Deputy Chief Weinbrenner has taken dozens of courses in traffic enforcement and education (i.e., DUI enforcement, child passenger safety systems, drug interdiction/detection, Illinois Vehicle Code, bicycle safety, etc.). Deputy Chief Weinbrenner maintains certifications as a Truck Enforcement Officer, Juvenile Officer, Crash Data Retrieval Specialist, Forensic Mapping Specialist, Child Safety Seat Technician, Police Cyclist, Breath Operator, RADAR/LIDAR instructor, Standard Field Sobriety Test instructor, Evidence Technician, Alive at 25 instructor and BASSET instructor.

Deputy Chief Weinbrenner is Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) certified, which is an international accident reconstruction accreditation group and the most recognized achievement in the field of accident reconstruction, with fewer than 1,500 reconstructionists certified in the nation. Deputy Chief Weinbrenner received the Fricke Cooper Achievement Award from the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety. The Fricke Cooper Achievement Award recognizes those individuals committed to continuing professional development and delivering the most professional traffic crash investigation and reconstruction services to the community.

Deputy Chief Weinbrenner now gives back to new police recruits and provides ongoing education on his training and experiences by being an instructor for NEMRT and SLEA.  Deputy Chief Weinbrenner continues to be one of the crash investigation leaders throughout DuPage County by being a Deputy Commander of the Multiagency Enforcement Response Investigation Team – Major Crash Reconstruction Team.

In November of 2011, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner was chosen to become the Special Projects Unit Officer for the Addison Police Department.  The Special Projects Unit Officer is responsible for conducting research, collecting data, compiling and interpreting statistics and making recommendations for programs and procedures within the Department.  Deputy Chief  Weinbrenner was a risk management officer for the Department and was there to ensure proper protocols, procedures and guidelines were being followed.  Some of the job titles under this position include Accreditation Manager, Training Coordinator, Grant Manager and Public Information Officer.

Deputy Chief Weinbrenner has helped the Addison Police Department receive several hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funds and international police and communication accreditation awards through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

In 2017, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner foresaw the benefits of the Presidential 21st Century Policing Report.  He worked with the Chicago Police Department and created a Procedural Justice Program which is now recognized as one of the top police education curriculums in the State of Illinois.  The program has two main focuses: building/maintaining trust in the community and assisting officers with the sacrifices they made by choosing the law enforcement profession.

Wanting to help fellow officers with their wellness, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner became a member of the Northern Illinois Critical Incident Stress Management (NICISM) Team. The NICISM Team provides support to officers from the challenges law enforcement officers experience throughout their profession. In 2020, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner returned to the Field Services Division and shortly after was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  He has also obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Safety Administration.

In 2021, Deputy Chief Weinbrenner became an Assessor with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). In 2023, he was appointed to the rank of Commander and was a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command (#537). In 2024, he was appointed Deputy Chief of the Support Services Division.