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Block Watch Program

Block Watch Program

Block Watch Program

In an effort to reduce crime and identify and apprehend criminals, the Addison Police Department launched a video sharing partnership with the community called Block Watch.

This video sharing partnership works on a voluntary basis with property owners who have private video security systems that record public areas -- streets, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. Police who respond to burglaries, assaults and other crimes will be able to see a map of nearby locations with cameras so they can quickly contact the registered video partner that may have recorded footage that could aid in the investigation.

How Does the Program Work?

Property owners who register a security camera would only be contacted by the Addison Police Department if a criminal incident took place in the vicinity of the camera. Police personnel may ask camera owners to review or provide recorded footage related to a specific incident.

What About Privacy and Security Concerns?

This partnership is not intended for active or live feed surveillance. Nor is it intended for checking on what citizens are doing in their neighborhoods. Any information provided will be housed in a secure data base. The Addison Police Department will never have remote or direct access to any private video systems. Therefore, it will take owner's permission and cooperation to view, download or copy any recorded incident. Police personnel will only ask to view footage relating to a specific criminal act for use as evidence to aid in ongoing investigations.

The form below will help us investigate incidents where surveillance footage could help. In order to participate in this program, the camera(s) must be located within the Village of Addison. If you have more than one address/location please register each separately. A "*" indicates required fields.

For questions, contact Investigative Aide Paul Carney at (630) 693-7955 or email him at PCarney@addison-il.org

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