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Community Response Unit

Community Response Unit

Community Response Unit

In 2010, the Addison Police Department implemented a division within the Police Department called the Community Response Unit (CRU).  CRU consists of a part-time Officer who works under the direction of a Sergeant and the Deputy Chief of Field Services.  CRU was created to solve problems that arise in the community.  They address various issues ranging from gang and narcotic crimes to tenant issues at rental properties.  CRU works closely with the Village of Addison's Community Development Department to address quality-of-life issues within the Village.  They monitor these issues to ensure that neglected properties or other nuisances within the Village of Addison are addressed.

The CRU's primary objective is to administer the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program by educating rental property owners on ways to keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property and by forging positive relationships with property owners.  This program was instituted by the Village of Addison on May 1, 2009, and it is a requirement for all property owners to attend the Crime Free Multi-Housing Class (Village Ordinance, Chapter 10, Section 10-84).  This class consists of police personnel teaching property owners about the Village ordinances, how to screen potential tenants, ways to make their property less susceptible to crime, and educating them on the current gang and drug trends.

The CRU also monitors and follows up with landlords and tenants with regard to the Nuisance Abatement Program.  When an offense that is defined as a nuisance activity by Addison Village Ordinance, Chapter 12, Article VI, occurs at a property, the landlord will receive a letter from the Chief of Police, notifying him/her that an offense occurred on their property and asking them to abate the nuisance.

If a property owner receives a nuisance abatement letter, the CRU Officer will contact him/her to discuss the issue.  This enables a working relationship on a personal level, in which the property owner is not reluctant to call the police for a "small problem."

If three or more nuisance activities occur within a 12-month period at one property, the property owner may be charged under this ordinance.

The CRU also makes periodic checks on vacant properties, addresses lighting issues and abandoned vehicles, and monitors the loitering program.

For more information on the CRU, please contact Officer Marcus Rivera at (630) 693-7918.