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Support Services Division

Support Services Division

Criminal Investigations Section

The Addison Police Department has a total of 15 employees within the Criminal Investigations Section. This section includes the following personnel:

  • Detective Commander
  • Detective Sergeant
  • Crime Analyst/Investigative Aide
  • Investigative Aide
  • General Investigators
  • School Resource Officers
    • one who works at Addison Trail High School
    • one who works at Indian Trail Junior High School
  • Gang Tactical Suppression Unit
  • DuMEG, an Illinois State Police run drug apprehension unit
  • Task Force Officer for Department of Homeland Security
  • Task Force Officer for U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
Detectives are given a caseload for a variety of different incidents that stem from original reports taken from Addison Police Officers. These cases are disseminated to the proper Detective for follow-up.

Each Detective is given extensive training in the investigative field to ensure diligent work is provided to the victim(s) within the report and to provide for a safer community.