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Support Services Division

Support Services Division

Special Projects Unit

The Special Projects Unit is staffed by one Patrol Officer who reports to the Administrative Commander. This position has several job responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Developing and assigning special projects to personnel.
  • Developing policies and procedures through the formulation of General Orders consistent with CALEA standards.
  • Acting as the training coordinator by establishing and maintaining training records and lesson plans and overseeing the Training Committee.
  • Acting as the grant coordinator by researching and pursuing grant opportunities available through public and private funding sources with the assistance of grant writing consultants.
  • Acting as the accreditation manager by gathering all proofs of compliance and ensuring all CALEA standards are completed on time to ensure that the Department achieves successful reaccreditation status.
  • Completing any other tasks as assigned by the Administrative Sergeant.
  • Acting as the public information officer for the Police Department.