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What is the Addison Police Department's address?

Where is the Addison Police Department located?

Where do I pay Village of Addison parking, compliance or Crime Free Multi-Housing ordinance tickets?

Where do I pay traffic tickets?

Glendale Heights Field Court Adjudication Process?

I missed my court date to the Glendale Heights Field Court. What should I do?

How can I obtain a copy of a traffic accident report?

How can I obtain a copy of an incident report?

Why does the Village prohibit overnight parking?

Is soliciting/peddling permitted in the Village of Addison?

What is the difference between soliciting and peddling?

How can I make a complaint about a solicitor/peddler at my door?

Do members of the Police Department solicit for donations by phone or through the mail?

Do you have a complaint about a tow company or relocation company?